Our Story

Threads of Change was created in 2017 by two foster moms with one idea. Angelic Horne Co-Founder and Executive Director of Threads of Change and her husband Cory started fostering in 2015. Their intent was fostering teens having teens already at home. When they got the first call for two toddler girls they couldn’t bear to say no. Having nothing for toddlers and having to go pick up the girls right away, Angi reached out to her sister Laura. Laura had clothes and toys at the house before the girls even got there. Much to Angi and Cory’s surprise there would be a newborn sister soon placed with the girls. Again being unprepared for a baby but wanting to keep the sisters together Angi reached out to her friend Trish. Trish and her husband having already adopted from foster care, asked around to friends and soon all the needed items arrived at the house.

This gave Angi an idea. How many other foster families are out that just can’t say no to one more sibling or to the child that is outside the age/gender they were open to? How can we support each other? Angi started to meet some other foster mom’s and soon an idea of two Foster mom’s became Threads of Change.

This process was started in 2017 when they really started to make this happen. They received a tremendous amount of support from volunteers and donors. At one point they received three storage units donated to Threads of Change to hold all of the items for the foster children they help.

By 2018 the Board of Directors was formed. The Board has monthly board meeting where they continue to move Threads into a 501c3 Nonprofit. You can learn about out Board of Directors here

An amazing Admin team of volunteers grew to include Jessica, Virginia and Meghan. You can learn about the Admin team here

The storage units may not of been a glamorous location but it filled a need in the community. Prior to the inception of Threads there was no other foster closet in Berks County. In the first year Threads served over 200 children from the storage units. The storage units became overwhelmed with donations that they soon needed to start looking for a store front.

In the Fall of 2018 Threads moved into a real store. They now have a permanent location where foster parents have a place to “shop” free of cost for clothing, toys, books, baby equipment and other items their children needs.

In 2018 we also developed numerous special programs including the Birthday Closet, Light The Night, No More Trash Bags, The Christmas Angel Tree Program and Richie’s Toy Store. You can read about the impact our programs are having here