No More Trash Bags

Hear a former Foster Youth talk about her experience with trash bags

A social worker arrives to your home.  She tells you that you cannot stay here any more.  That it is no longer safe for you.  That Mommy and Daddy need some time to learn to be better parents.  You are going to stay with some new parents for a while.  She hands you a trash bag and tells you to pack your things.  You have 5 minutes.

What message do we send to Foster Children when we place their treasured possessions in trash bags?

Sadly it is not just the day that children arrive into Foster Care that they have to see their belongings placed in trash bags. It is common when children move from one Foster home to another.  When they move to an Adoptive home. When they return to their birth family. Too many kids in Foster Care watch their treasured possessions placed over and over in trash bags.

Trash bags are NOT luggage

NO child deserves to be given a trash bag to pack in

Threads of Change maintains a stash of new and gently used luggage that is provided to children who are transitioning from one home to another.  We are always delighted to accept donations of new or gently used luggage.

Our Amazon Wish List includes luggage that ships directly to us when purchased from the wish list.