Our Impact


In 2017 – our first year of operation we served over 200 children from the storage units.

“Threads of Change is such a needed resource in the Foster Care System. We got placed with a 4 day old baby who came to us from the hospital with only a onesie and a pair of socks. Through the generous donations of Threads of Change we were able to get some much needed items so we could really focus on transitioning from a family of 3 to a family of 4. Thanks so much, Threads!” – Erin S, Foster Parent

“I’ve been in Awe of these families that started this since day 1. We’ve been fostering since May of 1994. We never have had the help and support that we get from the threads. We so are so grateful. We have children come with absolutely nothing. And threads have dressed them from head to toe Free. Just Amazing. My teens like that they can pick out somethings that are theirs. Some for the first time ever. Thanks Again” – Sandy D, Foster Parent

“Threads was not only extremely helpful, but an amazing comfort when welcoming our 2 foster sons. This organization was started by people with hearts of gold. Threads is run and utilized by families in the trenches of this crazy foster care world. Threads of Change is more than a foster care closet. Threads is the change!” – Mindy M, Foster Parent

“When we got involved with kinship with our granddaughter we were very blessed to have this group provide things she needed. We we’re totally blindsided and unprepared for this but because of this group a lot of stress was lifted. I cannot thank them enough. You are definitely a God send to so many.” – Penny S, Kinship Foster Parent

“If ever there was a group of truly passionate volunteers who saw a need and wanted to ‘be the change,’ THIS IS IT! A true grassroots endeavor that is about to help hundreds … potentially thousands of foster children and their families in southeast PA. So excited to watch this mission explode and make a difference in the lives of so many!” – Jenae K, Volunteer


“An amazing resource for foster families. Sometimes these kiddos arrive with nothing and it’s wonderful knowing that people care.” – Emily V, Foster Parent