Birthday Closet

It is not uncommon that we get a call from a Foster Parent: “We just had a little boy/girl placed. He/she doesn’t have any clothes or toys, oh and it was his/her birthday last week but no-one celebrated it”

Children – whether they are in foster care or not, deserve to have their Birthdays celebrated.  We know it can be hard for new Foster Parents. They are trying to provide for children who arrive with little more then the clothes on their back.  Budgets can only stretch so far, especially if you are parenting 3, 4, 7 kids!

The Birthday Closet provides three new gifts for children who are celebrating a birthday while in Foster Care.

We believe that Foster Parents are the very best people to choose gifts that their child will enjoy. So, we ask Foster Parents to come to our store themselves and ‘shop’ the Birthday Closet to select three new gifts for their child.

We have gifts for children from infancy to late teens.

If you would like to help keep our birthday closet stocked we accept donations of any new toy.  We also maintain an Amazon Wish List of items for our Birthday Closet – item’s purchased off the wish list ship directly to Threads Of Change.