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Threads Of Change is excited to announce our new blog : featuring four writers, all of whom are involved in the foster care world.  These writers come from a variety of backgrounds, some are new to the foster care world, others have been fostering more then a decade. Join us next week for our first blog post: “Dear New Foster Parent”.

Lyndsay Gardner

Hey hey foster families!   I am a pediatric nurse practitioner by trade, and a foster momma by passion! My husband Wesley and I started this crazy journey a little over a year ago – totally naïve to the challenges that lay ahead of us. We knew we loved kids, and wanted to open our home to more of them. That would be enough right? Wrong! Fast forward, and we are learning to accept the good, the bad and the ugly of the foster care world. Learning on this journey with us are is our two year old daughter Harper, and our three year old son Hudson. Oh, and our pug named Nigel! If there is one thing I’ve mastered so far, it’s the need to find your village. Find other people who can walk with you on this journey called life. Learn, laugh, grow and cry together.   Welcome to my life, and the craziness of being a foster momma!

Jodie Whitcombe

Hello new friends. I’m Momma to my four amazing littles. I’m a wife to my partner-in-chaos, Chris. I’m the doula to my clients at Your Birth Haven LLC. I’m also Miss Jodie to the precious kids in care who come into my home.  I love adventure! I have been accused of being an adventure addict before. The side of me that seeks to feel all the richness and depth of life is not disappointed when it comes to any of the titles I listed above. But I’m here to share with you especially about my experiences with foster care.
You’ll hear more from me in the future, but if I could give you a sneak peak into my life as respite provider over the last four years I might summarize it like this: I am continually inspired by how much beauty there is to be found in the midst of profound brokenness. For me, being a witness to this beauty is worth the perceived risks.

Eleanor Delewski

Hi Guys!  My husband and I have been mixed up in this crazy roller coaster foster parenting life for over a decade now.

My Grandpa grew up in foster care and for as long as I can remember I planned to be a foster parent.  When my now-husband proposed I told him yes but with one condition – I wanted to foster and adopt.  Fifteen years later we have three children – two by foster care adoption and one home grown wild child.  We took a break from fostering after the birth of our daughter but we are back at it again and are awaiting placement of our newest additions.  I am passionate about raising awareness of the foster care world and talking to people about adoption, especially adoption of older kids!  My kids were 12 and 13 when I became their Mom and our journey together has made me realize that kids do not outgrow the need for  a parent – in their 20s they still very much need and want a parent.

Chelsea Morgan

Hi,  I am a kinship foster mom.  I live in York County with my husband, son, foster daughter, and a plethora of animals! I am currently 7 months pregnant with our second son, so all my children will be under the age of 2 in February. Because I do blog daily, my family has pseudonyms: Captain (husband), Boogs (bio son), June (foster daughter) and Tri-baby (second bio son).  

Captain and I planned to start fostering right after the birth of our first son, but thought we needed time to adjust to the life of parenting first.  The day June came home, I found out I was pregnant again, and Boogs was less than 2 weeks from his first birthday! Now we are certified foster parents, with no desire to turn back.  We hit the ground running, but there’s no better way to live life.


Eileen and Bryan Dixon

Hello everyone!  We are the Dixon’s!  We are a proud multi-cultural family – Eileen is from Bergen, Norway and Bryan grew up in Lancaster, PA.

We met in Panama City in 2009 where we were both serving as missionaries. We got married in 2014 during our junior year of college and welcomed our two biological children in 2015 and 2018.  Currently Bryan is working as a construction project manager and pursing a Master’s degree in Ministry (Leadership Studies).  Eileen is a stay-at-home Mom and is studying for a Master’s in Marriage and Family Counselling. 

Our foster care journey began in April 2017 after Bryan arrived home from his second military deployment.  Training was a time of intense reflection for us .  While we learned the intense reality of what foster parenting would mean for our family Bryan also spent time processing his own childhood experience that included time spent moving between homes before being placed permanently in care after the death of his first mother when he was nine. 

We welcomed our first placement in September 2018 and have had two additional placements since that time.  The journey so far has been far from easy and we have faced some significant challenges causing us to again spend time reflecting on what this lifestyle as foster parents will really mean for our family.

Despite the challenges we are very excited to continue this journey as a family and we truly feel that this is the ministry that God has placed into our hearts.  We are very honored and blessed to have a great support system here and look forward to learning and growing together with each of you as a foster care community. 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Threads Of Change. Threads Of Change is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the bloggers

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