About Us

 Threads of Change Berks is a 100% volunteer run organization founded by a group of foster parents.

We aspire to make a difference in the lives of Foster Children and Foster Parents. We believe that there is much that needs to change in the Foster Care system.

We believe that sometimes you need to “Be The Change” that you want to see in the world.

We believe that the things we give to children convey a message about their worth. We believe that by inviting Foster Children to shop for items that are in good condition, that they get to choose themselves, that belong to them and that are theirs to keep we send the message that these children are valued and cared about.

Decisions at Threads are made by a team of administrators.  Every member of our administrative team is, or has been, a Foster Parent.  We also seek the input of former Foster Youth in our decision making.  Learn more about our Administrative Team

We serve any child in the Foster Care system.  This includes children placed in ‘Kinship Care’.  We serve all Foster Parents who are willing to travel to our store regardless of culture, race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference or sexual orientation.  We serve Foster Families from any agency.

We are 100% volunteer run and rely on volunteers and donors to do the work that we do.  Learn how you can support our work here.